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    Franck Simon picture

    Franck SIMON


    Photo Nadia Souilah

    Nadia SOUILAH

    Executive Assistant / Office Manager


    picto statistiques Technical Team

    Simon MUYAL picture

    Simon MUYAL

    Chief Technical Officer

    Pierre GERARD-MARCHANT Picture


    Senior Developer

    Photo Vittorio MIHAILESCU

    Vittorio MIHAILESCU

    Network Technician

    Photo Anastasia PARFENOVA

    Anastasia PARFENOVA

    Network Engineer

    Photo Boulbaba KAHILA

    Boulbaba KAHILA

    Full Stack Developer

    Photo Thomas Delaby

    Thomas DELABY

    Network Engineer

    Radu-Adrian FEURDEAN

    Radu-Adrian FEURDEAN

    Senior Network Engineer

    Radu-Adrian FEURDEAN

    Nabil MOUTAI

    Network Technician


    picto statistiques Sales, Marketing & Communications Team

    Photo Jean-Marc Mutzig

    Jean-Marc MUTZIG

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Photo Simon THOMAS

    Simon THOMAS

    Sales Assistant

    Photo Akéla BENDJEDDOU


    Marketing and Communication Officer

    Photo Nicolas GUY-GRAND

    Nicolas GUY-GRAND

    Business Developer

    Photo Sandrine GOURBY

    Sandrine GOURBY

    International Business Developer

    Photo Andy DODAKAL

    Andy DODAKAL

    Junior Web Designer



    picto statistiques Administration, Accounting & Legal team

    Sylvie AHOUASSOU Picture

    Sylvie AHOUASSOU

    Legal Manager / GDPR Compliance

    Marguerite MBAPPE Picture

    Marguerite MBAPPE

    Administrative Assistant


    picto statistiques Board members

    Board Members