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    We all know that Paris is still not a major peering place until 2010.
    This is why in 2008, some telecoms players (Neo Telecoms (become Zayo France), Google, Jaguar Network and Akamai) decided to create a working group called Pheon-IX. They ran a survey whose results showed that there was a strong expectation for an IXP to federate all French operators in Paris and to provide a high quality of service.

    In December 2009, our organization was born supported by first-class entities. Our founding members are Akamai, Jaguar Network, Neo Telecoms (become Zayo France), Interxion, Google and Bouygues Telecom.


    • Logo Akamai
    • Logo Bouygues telecom
    • Logo Google
    • Logo Interxion
    • Logo Jaguar Network
    • Logo Neo Telecoms (Zayo France)

    Our IXP aims to ease the exchanges of data, communications and transactions on the Internet and to develop French and international operators and services providers transit through Paris and Marseille. Look at the network map

    Partnerships were and are still being implemented to make sure that the ISPs and content providers present on France-IX can not only peer with other partners on our IX, but also peer with companies connected on other IXPs.

    This way you won't wonder anymore where to connect in Paris to reach as many peers as possible.