France-IX reduces local latency with K-root server in Paris

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  • France-IX reduces local latency with K-root server in Paris
  • 4th of May 2016


    New DNS server in Paris shortens exchange routes for members to boost Internet speeds.

    France-IX, the international Internet exchange point provider, today announced the availability of a new DNS (Domain Name System) server in Paris.


    The new K-root server reduces latency of Internet traffic by up to 10 times, down from 10-30ms average speeds to 1-3ms. This enables France-IX members to deliver optimized internet connectivity to users.


    The new server is running on a Dell PowerEdge R430 server donated by Dalenys, a member of the France-IX community. The K-root software has been installed by the RIPE NCC (Network Coordination Centre), which is also looking after its ongoing maintenance and has collaborated with France-IX on two previous IT programs, Atlas probes and RIS (Routing Information Service). The equipment donation and installation/ongoing maintenance assistance is a testimony to the strong sense of community between the peers belonging to the France-IX Internet exchange hub and reflects their determination to see it prosper.


    The new DNS server has been installed in France-IX’s Parisian datacentre at its core point of presence Telehouse-2.


    DNS converts Internet domain names into numeric, or IP, addresses. Root name servers are at the root of the DNS hierarchy and there are 13 root name servers situated in various locations around the world, operated by 12 independent organisations. A France-IX K-root server in Paris means that the traffic route for local requests is shortened and simplified because the requests no longer need to travel via servers that might be located on the other side of the globe. With the reduction in the distance between ISPs and the server as well as cutting the number of hops used along the route, France-IX members will benefit from enhanced connectivity experience.


    Frederic Dhieux, Deputy CTO at Dalenys, said “We are connected to France–IX since 2012 to meet the demand of interconnection with internet networks. We are glad to sponsor the K-root installation and actively contribute to France-IX”.


    Schemas DNS K-Root


    The community builder of Ripe Labs, Mirjam Kuehne add “Our mission is to optimise stability and global reachability of the Internet, and we are undergoing an expansion of the K-root anycast network to improve the quality service for all users on the Internet. By supporting our long-term partner France-IX with this new server, we’re bringing better, faster services to the entire community and its customers”.


    “This project demonstrates the commitment of France-IX and our members and partners to collaborate closely to improve services for the global community,” said Franck Simon, managing director of France-IX. “We continue to strive to bring the best possible quality of experience to our members and we are excited about the improved latency we are able to achieve with the new K-root server in Paris, in collaboration with RIPE NCC and Dalenys”.


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