boosts capacity 400% with France-IX

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  • 8th of July 2016


    Leading French web hosting provider upgrades to two 100 Gbps ports on France-IX


    France-IX, the Paris and Marseille-based digital gateway to the MEA region, today announced that, one of the leading web hosting providers in France, has joined the growing number of its peering members to upgrade to100Gbps ports. The migration from four 10Gbps ports to two 100Gbps ports has significantly boosted capacity at Online and is enabling the company to deliver increased performance benefits to its customers.

  has been providing hosting services since 1999. Today it hosts several hundred thousand websites across its three datacentres and offers a range of services including domain names, dedicated servers and web hosting to Internet stakeholders of all sizes, worldwide.


    Online understands that performance doesn’t depend solely on processor power or the amount of RAM and so optimizes its entire platform, including its network capacity. With the release of France-IX’s 100 Gbps member ports, Online decided to upgrade from four 10 Gbps ports to two 100 Gbps ports enabling it to optimize its connection and reduce the complexity of port management.


    « We have been providing web hosting services for over fifteen years and we know exactly what is required: solid performance over a fast network and uptime approaching 100%, » said Arnaud de Bermingham, Chief Executive Officer at « We have had significant growth in recent years and have been upgrading at all our network and IXPs. With two 100 Gbps ports at France-IX, this is now one of the places where Online has the greatest capacity for long-term growth.

    Image Online Upgrade capacity on France-IX


    Franck Simon, managing director at France-IX said: « At France-IX, we constantly focus on how we can provide our members with what they need to meet the demands of their customers, from capacity to IP-centric services to optimal connectivity. We launched our 100 Gbps member ports to provide our peers with the capacity to satisfy their increasing traffic while also optimizing their management requirements and we are delighted that Online has taken advantage of this. We look forward to other members signing up in future. »


    France-IX is the international Internet exchange based in France, offering IPv4 & IPv6 public and private peering to Internet services providers, content delivery networks and other types of Internet networks. By interconnecting several hundreds of members located all around the world, France-IX brings solutions to enhance the quality of the traffic exchanged by its members and thus improving the quality of surfing experienced by the web users.


    Founded in June 2010 with the support of the French operators community, France-IX is an association to which neutrality, sustainability and constant improvement of the peering services are core values.


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