Q3-2016 Technical update

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  • 18/10/2016


    Here is the technical update for Q3-2016, summarising past and current operations on FranceIX infrastructure. Main actions undertaken during the third quarter 2016 :


    • SLA (Service Level Agreement) : Probes have been installed in Marseille PoPs and probe's deployment is achieved in Paris and Marseille. Measurements are currently performed (delay, jitter and packet loss). These statistics will be available soon on tools portal: tools.franceix.net

    • Telehouse 2:  New Juniper EX9214 has been activated. Now, members connected on TH2 PoP are split in 2 chassis. This infrastructure offers more capacity and additional redundancy for members that would like a dual attachment on different devices

    • JunOS upgrade: in order to fix a bug related to IPFIX export, we performed a JunOS upgrade. Flow statistics are available and stable now.


    Next actions :


    • AntiDDOS blackholing, RTBH like, will be available by the end of the year. You will be able to use BGP communities on the route servers (RS) or a specific BGP next hop to blackhole on the edge traffic going to a prefix.
    • RPKI filtering: Route servers will tag routes with BGP communities to propagate RPKI validation state (valid, invalid or unknown)


    If you want more information, you can have a look on the technical overview presented during our general assembly:

    Technical Overview part1
    Technical overview part2


    Telehouse 2 upgrade: New Juniper EX9200 installed