Sofia Connect joins the ranks of France-IX's resellers

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  • Sofia Connect joins the ranks of France-IX's resellers
  • 8th of September 2016


    Sofia Connect becomes our latest reseller in Paris.

    Sofia Connect is a leading wholesale carrier from Bulgaria specialized in providing comprehensive connectivity solutions to carriers, ISPs and content providers of all sizes throughout the Balkans, the Caucasus and increasingly the Middle East. Sofia Connect's service portofolio includes the whole range from IP transit and remote peering down to dark-fibre provision.

    Through the Caucasus Cable System, a state-of-the-art submarine cable across the Black Sea, Sofia Connect provides the fastest and safest route from the Caucasus and the northern Middle East to Europe. An increasing number of carriers in the region, including from Georgia, Armenia and Iraq count on Sofia Connect's services.

    Their network spans across the whole of Europe and reaches to Nurduz on the Iranian-Armenian border as well as to Ibrahim Khalil on the Iraqi-Turkish border.

    During the past eight years Sofia Connect has gained a strong track record in custom-taylored solutions to major carriers in the wider region serving millions of eyeballs.


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