First step towards automated provisioning of peering services

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  • First step towards automated provisioning of peering services
  • 11/05/2017


    Until last week, prospective members were able to download online and fill out an Adobe PDF file asking for their company information, billing and technical details.


    All this information is necessary to set up any new member in our internal system and prepare accurately the France-IX connection agreement. Once signed, additional technical information was requested by email in the vast majority of cases to finalize the service configuration.


    This means that multiple manual entries were required in our internal system from the commercial and technical team members to initiate and finalize the service provisioning. As of today, new user-friendly forms are now available online to do the same but “faster" and “stronger". First, we aim to make it “faster" because the number of connection requests have increased significantly along with the impatience of new members to join as quickly as possible. Second, since these new online forms feed automatically our internal system, it means less manual data entry and less risks of errors, which makes us “stronger”. This is one of the first steps in the global scheme of our provisioning process automation. We have many more surprises to share in 2017, stay tuned!


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