Q4-2016 Technical update

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  • 23 janvier 2017


    With a little delay, here is the technical update for Q4-2016, summarising past and current operations on France-IX infrastructure. Main actions undertaken during the forth quarter 2016 :



    • SLA measurements : Measurements (delay, jitter and packet loss) are now available on a new version of our tools portal (need to be logged in) : tools.franceix.net
    • Equinix Telecity PA6 upgrade : A new Juniper EX9214 has been installed in December in order to offer 100G ports. A backbone capacity upgrade has been also performed : 2x160Gbps of capacity is available now between PA6 PoP and the core infrastructure.
    • AntiDDOS Blackholing : In order to help our members to fight against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service), France-IX has set up a blackholing service available in Paris and Marseille. You will find the details here: Blackholing.
    • Layer 2 filtering on MarketPlace and CUG VLANs : Filters applied on Close User Group (CUG) and MarketPlace VLANs have been modified to allow more flexibility: A VPLS instance is dedicated for each CUG or MKP VLAN. By default, BUM traffic is rate-limited to 1 Mbps per VPLS instance and each port is limited to 10 MAC addresses (dynamic learning).



    Key technical numbers for 2016:


    Customer ports connected:
    1G: 31 ports
    10G: 43 ports
    100G: 5 ports


    Paris: > 99,999%
    Marseille: 100%


    Next actions:


    • RPKI filtering : Route servers will tag routes with BGP communities to propagate RPKI validation state (valid, invalid or unknown)


    • 100G capacity upgrade : In order to address new 100G requests in Paris and Marseille, new 100G line cards will be installed in January and February in Marseille and Paris.


     Q4-2016 Technical update

    Schemas serveur de route Blackholing