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  • France-IX brings access to ISP Orange's national IP network within everyone's reach through its marketplace in Paris and Marseille
  • France-IX brings access to ISP Orange's national IP network within everyone's reach through its marketplace in Paris and Marseille

    March, 21 2017


    France-IX, France's leading Internet exchange service provider, offers its members a simple solution for exchanging traffic with Orange France (AS3215) in Paris and Marseille. é


    Paris, France – March, 21 2017 – France-IX, France's leading provider of Internet exchange services announced that its members in Paris and Marseille can now interconnect directly with Orange France (AS3215) through its marketplace.

    Orange France's national network, identified by its Autonomous System number 3215, provides access to all clients of the ISP Orange (General public, Mobile phones, Professionals and Corporate). The direct interconnection via the AS3215 can also be used to access all major French ISP networks, and the entire Internet if desired, through its interconnection with Orange's International network (International Open Transit AS5511). In December 2016, no less than 5 Tbps were exchanged during peak periods over the 3215 network.

    France-IX's marketplace has put Internet networks on an equal footing with the major ones in terms of access to one of the most popular IP networks in France. All France-IX members in Paris and Marseille, who represent over 340 networks today, can now subscribe to IP connectivity services directly with Orange Wholesale France and have the service delivered to their current France-IX port within days by simply configuring an additional VLAN. France-IX members requiring higher performance levels to reach out to Orange Internet users in France, among others, can now enjoy this new service that is delivered in record time.

    "Our aim is to bring together the biggest number of Internet networks in France, of all sizes and from all business sectors", explains Simon Muyal, Chief Technical Officer at France-IX. "Launching France-IX's marketplace with Orange International Carriers (AS5511) in April 2016 undeniably created opportunities for our members. Today, in our outlook for the France-IX community, we have reached a major turning point by providing them with direct access to the Orange France network (AS3215) with no technical prerequisites or business intermediaries. We are convinced that this offer will give our members in Paris and Marseille a huge competitive edge."

    The France-IX marketplace is available to all France-IX members at every point of presence in Paris (9 sites) and Marseille (2 sites) and enables a far better ramification of Orange's IP connectivity offering. In Paris, the offering is available in thrice the number of sites: Interxion PAR1, PAR2 and PAR5, Iliad DC2 and DC3, Telehouse 2 and 3, and Equinix Telecity PA6 and PA7.

    "Our ambition is to provide straightforward, scalable and flexible services that will allow France-IX members to keep pace with the rapid developments of their IP network", concludes Florence Barral, Head of Marketing for the France IP, voice and data interconnection offering at Orange Wholesale France. "France-IX members can capitalize on our powerful and reliable connectivity solutions at the regional, national and international levels, with traffic volumes adapted to their use, and flat-fee or pay-per-use invoicing, at any France-IX point of presence in Paris and Marseille."


    Contact France-IX
    Tel: +33 1 86 95 61 93
    Email : marketing_at_franceix.net


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