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  • France-IX offers the opportunity to operators/carriers, to the datacenters and hosting providers to become official resellers.


    picto confidential agreement

    picto #1  To do so a non-disclosure agreement has first to be signed.


    pcito member information France-IX

    picto #2  The potential reseller provides France-IX with the following information via info_at_franceix.net:
    Legal name and address
    Name and title of the signatory



    pcito contract signature France-IX

    picto #1  Then France-IX send the reseller agreement to be signed and sent back to us.


    pcito cabling datacenter France-IX

    picto #1  The connection of the port(s) follows the same principles as the usual connection process (cf. "Become a member" page). The reseller orders the cross-connect directly to the datacenter.



    pcito connected cable on France-IX

    picto #1  Once the cable is delivered, we go on site to connect the port(s), inform the reseller of the IP addresses and configure the connection(s).


    pcito new member France-IX

    picto #1  The reseller must send a connection agreement signed between its entity and its customer, for each customer's connection.