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  • picto #2 Definition

    Our Marketplace is a program that enables any type of Service Providers to offer
    their solutions to the Members connected at France-IX.

    Buyers can use their port for peering and marketplace services

    Sellers can use their port only to sell marketplace services





    France-IX's Marketplace 2015


    picto #2  Coverage

    picto datacenter PoPs in Paris

     PoPs France-IX in Paris Schema/layout ( Interxion PAR1, PAR2 and PAR5, Scaleway Datacenter DC2 and DC3, Equinix-Telecity PA6 Courbevoie (TCC) and PA7 Condorcet (TCO), Telehouse 2 ans 3)

    picto datacenter PoPs in Marseille

    Schema des POPs de France-IX à Marseille (Interxion MRS1 (MIT) and Jaguar Network MRS01 (MJN))

    • Seller connects to their preferred PoP within the city (Paris and/or Marseille).
    • Seller’s services are available on all France-IX’s PoPs in the city.
    • Buyer connects to one PoP in a city and can buy Seller’s services anywhere in the same city.

    picto #3  Sales Process

    Layout process to sell or buy in France-IX's marketplace


    picto lettre A

    • Marketplace contract 
    • Marketplace pricing (NRC, MRC)

    picto lettre B Marketplace port provisioning

    picto lettre C France-IX Buyers contact list

     step 2

    picto lettre A Negotiation - Discussion

    picto lettre B Buyer/Seller agreement

    picto lettre C Contract signature

    picto lettre D Direct billing from Seller to Buyer

    Step 3

    picto lettre A

    • Peering contract amendment 
    • Marketplace pricing (NRC per VLAN)

    picto lettre B VLAN provisioning per service purchased on the Marketplace

    picto lettre C France-IX  Sellers contact list


    picto #4 Activation Process

    Illustration benefice

    To benefit from the services, our Buyer Members can reach out to the list of Sellers to get a quote.

    Illustration agreement

    Once the Buyer Member and the Seller have agreed on their commercial relationship.

    Illustration VLAN orders

    The Buyer Member orders the VLAN to France-IX by signing an amendment to their peering contract. France-IX checks with the Seller and configures the VLAN

    picto #5 Benefits

    picto buyer members For our Buyer Members


    • Access to IP centric services easily and in one place
    • Optimization of your peering connection
    • Record time to install (VLAN configuration in one business day max)

    picto Sellers For our Sellers


    • One port to provide your IP services to 300+ networks
    • Quick implementation
    • Freedom to apply your product and pricing strategy
    • Target new expanding markets (Middle East and Africa via Marseille)


    picto #6 Where to Buy

    IP Transit

    DDOS Protection

    Cloud Direct Access

    Paid Peering

    Ethernet Transport

    Network Visibility and Analytics Solutions

    Voice Services

    Logo BICS

    picto paris picto Marseille

    picto paris picto Marseille

    picto paris picto Marseille

    picto paris picto Marseille

    Logo EXPEREO

    picto paris

    Logo Provider by default

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto paris

    Logo Hopus

    Logo Hurricane Electric

    picto Marseille

    Logo IX Reach

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto paris

    Logo Kentik

    Logo NET1C

    picto paris

    Logo Orange AS3215

    picto Marseille

    Logo Orange AS5511

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto paris

    Logo Phibee Telecom

    picto paris picto Marseille

    picto paris picto Marseille

    Logo Pragma Security

    Logo Telecom Italia Sparkle

    picto paris picto Marseille

    picto paris picto Marseille

    picto paris picto Marseille

    picto paris picto Marseille

    Logo Zayo France

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto paris

    picto #7 Partners


    BICS' Global transport network provides carriers and communication service providers with point to point data services and access to the IPX community. Through our international partner network, BICS is not only able to deliver capacity between major data centres, but also up to any street address in 70+ countries.

    Global network and a strong presence in Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East.

    Our headquarters is in Brussels and we have regional offices in Bern, Madrid, Dubai, New York, San Francisco and Singapore, a satellite office in Beijing and local representation in Accra, Miami, Montevideo, Nairobi and Toronto.

    With a diverse and multicultural team of about 600 employees, we continuously strive to provide customers with the highest level of quality, reliability and interoperability, enabling them to maximize their end-user value.

    • Access to major Cloud Service providers (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud ) and Internet exchanges)
    • 130+ access points-of-presence worldwide
    • Capacities from 2Mbps up to multiple 100Gbps
    • Participation in 19 submarine cables (AAE-1, SeMeWe-5, EIG, BBG, SeMeWe-4, SAT-3/WACS, SAFE...)
    • Capacity between major data centres, but also up to any street address in 70+ countries

    For more information, please visit: http://www.bics.com

    Expereo is a global provider of managed internet and hybrid networks, SD-WAN and Cloud connectivity solutions. Our XDN portfolio provides Internet Connectivity, Cloud Acceleration and network optimisation, SD-WAN, network security managed services, and Xpertise – managed professional and field services for network solutions.

    With an unmatched global reach, Expereo powers enterprise & government sites in 190+ countries, helping our customers improve productivity and powering Cloud with the agility, flexibility and value of the Internet, with optimal performance.

    Logo Provider by default


    +33 6 612 010 20

    Acorus Networks is a French cybersecurity company, specialised in the protection against distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks of companies whose business activity, data or corporate image are critical on the Internet.
    As an Internet Service Provider, Acorus Networks deploys a large scale network and scrubbing centers worldwide and provides innovative and non-intrusive security solutions ahead of customers’ network and Web infrastructures to guarantee high availability of online services for hosting providers, e-commerce, media, cloud, finance, government, healthcare, etc. Customers have a customized view of their legitimate traffic in order to counter manually or automatically any type of DDoS attack to which they may be exposed.

    Three independent or complementary offers of managed security can be subscribed according to customer profile:

    • A high-quality IP Transit service (from 100Mbps of Internet bandwidth to 100Gbps), protected by access lists on IP prefixes, protocols and ports and authorized by the customer, via a portal of commands and an API to counter most of the volumetric DDoS attacks

    • A more advanced, intelligent DDoS mitigation service to protect the legitimate network and application traffic of companies who are connected dynamically and automatically.

    • A specific service of DDoS protection for http/https Web sites, which detects and filters multi-vectors and volumetric DDoS attacks, including on Cloud infrastructures like AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

    These three services are completely managed ahead of the existing Internet connection of the protected company, in order to take benefit from Acorus Networks' robust and large scale network to receive and filter volumetric DDoS attacks (several hundreds of Gigabits). Moreover, a simple and complete user Web interface is provided to the customer, offering a clear, accurate and real time picture of their legitimate traffic and allowing them to be alerted in case of an abnormal peak of traffic. The customer can also launch a countermeasure directly via this portal, with or without the support of Acorus Networks, and thus defend themselves against growing and ever-sophisticated DDoS threats.

    For more information, contact us on: www.acorus-networks.com

    Logo Hopus



    +33 181 517 120

    Logo Hurricane Electric



    +1 510 580-4190

    Hurricane Electric operates a global internet backbone, providing IP Transit (IPv6/IPv4 wholesale Internet bandwidth).

    The company operates the world's largest IPv4 and IPv6 global network, with connectivity to more than 130 Internet peering points at 95+ POPs in 65 cities in North America (22 states & 6 provinces), Europe (25 countries), Asia (5 nations), South America, and Africa.

    To learn more, visit the website : http://he.net/

    Logo IX Reach

    IX Reach


    Europe:+44 845 013 0845 USA: +1 877 671 4734

    IX Reach is the leading global connectivity and cloud solutions provider.
    IX Reach enables carriers, ISPs, content providers and networks of all shapes and size to extand their own presence where previously difficult and costly.
    +240 PoPs 83 major cities 30 countries 6 continents

    Logo Kentik

    Jim Frey


    (844) 356-3278

    Kentik provides the first Network Traffic Intelligence platform to unify network operations, performance, security, and business intelligence. With a purpose-built big data engine delivered as a public or on-premise SaaS, Kentik captures an enriched, high-resolution view of your network traffic data and shows you what the network knows about the performance, security, and the potential of your business.

    Kentik had a breakout year in 2016, which included an infusion of new funding, accolades from the major enterprise industry analysts, and a rapidly expanded base of global customers.

    Kentik's customers now include Box, GTT, Neustar, Pandora, and Yelp, as well as global Tier 1 telecom service providers, financial services firms, and top cloud providers. Check us out at http://www.kentik.com or follow @KentikInc on Twitter.

    List of Services Available:

    • Network traffic analysis

    • DDoS detection & mitigation

    • Peering analytics

    • Network performance monitoring

    • Network forensics analysis

    Logo NET1C

    Mathias HEBERT


    01 76 77 25 83

    Telecom Carrier based in Paris with over 10 years experience, Net1C offers high quality voice termination services through its own switching infrastructure and network as well as its French and International Tier1 carriers interconnections.

    Long term interconnections with Tier1 on private links allow us to guarantee quality of service, on latency side as well as audio QoS.

    Regarding French and European voice termination, we offer A-Number and origination location based billing and also provide alternatives solutions to avoid billing discrepancies due to an incorrect calling number format.

    CLI screening is guaranteed and voice service quality is constantly monitored and proactively managed.

    Our Session Border Controllers are designed to offer Sub-10ms switching responses and handle IPv4 and IPv6 SIP. With Sub-20ms routing responses and full codec pass-through including wideband, our media switchs offer full T.38 anchoring and pass-through as well as call transcoding.

    Our 46Labs SoftSwitch has been deployed inside Service Providers and Operators in over 100 countries worldwide, including some orbiting our planet.

    Net1C is proud to offer its experience and skills to its partners over the France-IX Marketplace adding Peering benefits to its voice services.

    Our voice termination offer comes with a live web interface to follow-up your business and to get performance report or alerts.

    Orange International Carriers offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and flexible solutions to mobile operators, international carriers and OTTs.

    The Open Transit Internet® (OTI) service is an international wholesale Internet connectivity solution dedicated to the networks operators, now available through all the PoPs of France-IX in Paris and its area.

    In addition to IP Transit, Orange also provides the following service:

    To learn more, visit the website: http://wholesalesolutions.orange.com.

    Founded in 2003, Phibee Telecom is a major operator of operators in Europe specialized in access and collect solutions providing low cost and high reliability services to operators.

    Our wide network is based on dedicated dark fiber and international wavelengths covers major European cities.

    www.phibee.net / +33 4 26 84 78 60

    Thanks partnerships with major actors of the sector we actually mesh 60 datacenters, growing fast with a target of 90 in the next few months.

    Launched in 2013, our multi-service platform provides a marketplace, to any kind of operator whatever its size, which offers a wide range of product like:
    EtherAccess & EtherWan: xDSL/OF/EFM Layer or IPVPN NNI
    RemoteIX: Access to main European IXes
    DirectTransit: Improve your routes with private bgp sessions with Tiers 1 & 2 without commit.
    EtherLAN: Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and VPLS between datacenters.
    * DirectVoIP: Direct link to your Voip provider.
    Phibee Telecom also provides tailored solutions, staying as reactive and close to operators needs as we can.

    Logo Pragma Security

    Luc de la Guerrande


    +33 (0)6 62 82 15 98

    As a French specialist in managed cybersecurity services, Pragma Security offers a flexible and scalable Cloud protection for the sites, infrastructures and applications of enterprises, e-commerces, operators and hosting companies. With a mitigation capacity above 2Tbps, Pragma Security can cater to all sizes and types of needs.
    Pragma Security provides France-IX members with a complete range of solutions which secure the resources and the availability of these members’ services:
    o BGP monitoring et detection service (hijack, route leak, etc…).
    o Solutions to mitigate volume DDoS attacks
    o Solutions to mitigate applicative DDoS attacks
    o Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    o DNS protection
    o Telemetry and network analytics
    For more information, please go to our website: www.pragma-security.com

    Sparkle is a leading global telecommunication service provider, offering a complete range of IP, Data, Cloud, Data Center, Mobile and Voice solutions designed to meet the ever changing needs of Fixed and Mobile Operators, ISPs, OTTs, Media & Content Players, Application Service Providers and Multinational Corporations (MNCs).

    France-IX members in Paris can subscribe to Sparkle's following services:

    • IP Transit

    • Anti-DDoS

    • Cloud Direct (AWS)

    • Ethernet suite (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet worldwide connectivity service)

    • Remote peering (virtual NAP to LINX London, DE-CIX Frankfurt, AMS-IX Amsterdam and MIX Milano).

    As the international service provider and wholly owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia S.p.A, Sparkle has been established on January 1, 2003 with the objective of developing and consolidating TIM Group's global solutions business.

    With a history of experience and know-how in a multitude of markets, we own and manage a global and technologically advanced proprietary network of about 560.000 km of fiber which include three major regional systems in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Americas as well as an extensive ownership in major international submarine cables.

    With an international workforce distributed worldwide, Sparkle can count on a direct presence in 37 countries and commercial coverage on a global scale.

    Through a global portfolio of services, a state-of-the-art global network, advanced OSS, BSS and customer care capabilities, we are able to fulfill our mission of providing customers with the best cost and top performance customized solutions in the international telecommunications market.

    With a truly global dimension and a local outlook, we stay close to our customers to understand their needs and ensure they receive the very best care.

    Zayo Group provides Communications Infrastructure services, including fiber and bandwidth connectivity, colocation and cloud services to the world's leading businesses.

    Through the marketplace, France-IX members can subscribe to Zayo's following services:

    • IP transit

    • Anti-DDoS Defender

    • CloudConnect (direct connection to Amazon, Google and Microsoft)

    • L2 VPN

    • Ethernet transport