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  • Welcome to France!

    Interconnection service between France-IX Paris and Marseille

    Whether you are connected in Paris or Marseille, France-IX PASS service gives you the ability to peer remotely with the global France-IX community. Directly from your connection port, get more peers quickly with the best value for money.

    Simple & Affordable

    • Your peering port is the unique point of access for all your France-IX traffic: local and remote.
    • Pricing is the same if you peer in Paris or Marseille and represents only an extra cost of 15-25% compared to your current France-IX cost.
    • No commitment: if you change your mind, you can cease the PASS service at any time without penalty.

    Robust & Streamlined

    • You benefit from the same professional Quality of Service as your peering service:
    • At least 99.995% of annual service availability
    • Average round-trip delay per hour in a 24h period < 12ms
    • Provisioning in 1 to 3 business days maximum
    • We take care of establishing and maintaining a national secured backbone so you can focus on your peering opportunities:
    • Two diverse paths from Paris to Marseille from leading service providers matching our Quality of Service
    • No single point of failure on the selected paths


    • Optional service requiring the subscription to France-IX peering service in Paris or Marseille
    • Bundle of national secured transport and remote peering service
    • Available on all peering ports: 1, 10 or 100 GE in the 12 France-IX PoPs
    • Traffic guaranteed up to the amount of the peering services traffic subscription
    • Extra cost of 15-25% compared to your current France-IX monthly recurring cost
    • No minimum contract duration, 1-month notice period to cease
    • Reserved to unique peering members in one city, excluding the networks connected via France-IX resellers and remote IX partners


    Exchange with unique peers in a new French city
    • From Paris, access +15 unique networks from France, Europe, Africa and South Asia of the likes of Angola Cables, Liquid, Mauritius Telecom, Reliance Jio, Swisscom, WIOCC
    • From Marseille, access +350 unique networks: national and international carriers and ISPs, gaming, hosting, software, content and video streaming providers and many more
    Increase resiliency with current peers
    • Increase your network resilience in France with the largest French eyeballs (SFR, Bouygues Telecom)
    • Secure your traffic with leading cloud, hosting and content distribution networks (Amazon, Akamai, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google, Limelight, Microsoft, OVH, Yahoo)
    Save time and money
    • One Stop shopping: no need for a new cross-connect or a new port, it is as easy as adding one order to your contract
    • Fast provisioning: no need to wait months of equipment and network deployment, your service is in production in less than a week
    • Zero financial risk with no upfront investment no need to deploy your equipment in a new city, no minimum contract duration, you can cease when you want