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    picto solution

    • The reseller can connect one or several 10 Gbps ports on which it will configure various VLANs of either 200 Mbps, 1 Gbps or 2 Gbps for each connected customer (option 1). The reseller can also connect dedicated ports per member (option 2).   
    • The reseller provides the connection only: the connected customer keeps control on its peering and routing policy
    • As any France-IX connected parties, resellers' customers must own an autonomous system number
    • The whole panel of services (IPv4 Unicast, IPv6 Unicast, IPv4 Multicast, Routes Servers, Interconnections with other IXPs) is available to the reseller's customers. 


    picto benefit

    • To benefit from the offer, the reseller has to contact us via info_at_franceix.net.
    • As soon as a NDA is signed, the reseller agreement including the pricing will be sent.
    • For each new customer's connection, the reseller is in charge of signing an order form with its client and to transmit a copy to France-IX team. 
    • France-IX only charges the reseller. 
    • Both the reseller and its customers become members of the association and own an equal vote during the general meetings. 



    picto localisation Technical requirements

    Shared ports


    France-IX  shared Ports


    Dedicated ports


    Dedicated ports Layout