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    6.1 Customer Portal


    France-IX provides access to a Customer online portal: tools.franceix.net.

    This customer portal includes weathermaps, information on the traffic volume per PoP, BGP summary, flow statistics, looking-glass and a direct access to the France-IX NOC. Login and password are sent to the peering email address when the service is activated.

    Please note that France-IX reserves the right to modify the measurement methods, frequency, systems and tools at any time on its infrastructure, without prior notice, in order to constantly keep us with the technological developments, regulatory frameworks and business requirements.


    6.2 Technical reports


    Every quarter, France-IX Technical team issues a report, summarizing all the operations run onto France-IX infrastructure, whether they were impacting or not the service availability, in order to be as much transparent as possible. Such reports also include information of outages/incidents when appropriate.