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Case study Schneider Electric

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Schneider Electric is a CAC 40 company, leader in energy efficiency, electrical distribution, lighting control, energy security, building management and security…

Why does a large private company, not specialized in internet, need to get connected to an Internet exchange point?

Lionel MARIE, Network Architect at Schneider Electric, brings answers about the importance of exchanging traffic on France-IX, in particular with Cloud providers.

Increase of the routes servers prefixes

Illustration IPv4 & IPv6 prefixe

Following an increase in the number of routes collected on our servers, France-IX requires its members to increase the number of prefixes allowed for the BGP sessions established with the routes servers.

For information, France-IX recommends to setup the IPv6 threshold to 15,000 and the IPv4 threshold to at least 40,000.

Renewal of France-IX fibre infrastructure

image of France-IX's equipment vendors for Dark Fiber

As mentioned in previous newsletters, France-IX has run a tender to renew its dark fibre infrastructure. The selected operators are Interoute and Neo Telecoms.

These new links connecting the France-IX’s PoPs, are one of the elements that have been defined for the overall renewal of France-IX's infrastructure.

France-IX is currently finalizing a tender process to select an equipment vendor for the renewal of its core backbone PoPs.

The activation of the new dark fibres will be synchronized with the rollout of the new equipment, and such operations shall occur during summer.

Upcoming events

Peering Day 2014
From Monday 3dr to Tuesday 4th March 2014 in Vienna, Austria.
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Peering Day 2014

Euro-IX 24
Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th March 2014 in Leeds, England.
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Peering Day 2014

Sunday 30th and Monday 31st March 2014 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
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Latest connections

Organisation (ASN) POP Traffic
Ameos (197551) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps
Hofnetz (50324) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps
Teclib (61319) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps
TransTeleCom (20485) Telehouse 2 10 Gbps
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