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General Meeting 2014

France-IX General Meeting 2014 Teasign
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France-IX’s General Meeting will take place on the 26th of September at the Crowne Plaza République Hotel in Paris, from 10 a.m till 6 p.m followed by a closing cocktail until 10 p.m.

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Deployment of the new infrastructure

Renewal of France-IX’s board
The board committee

The first step in deploying the new infrastructure occurred in the night of July 17th-18th. The operation consisted in replacing the Brocade MLX equipment by Juniper EX9214 on Telehouse-2, Interxion-2 and Interxion-5 core PoPs.

The second step is to redeploy Brocade MLX equipment on Telecity Courbevoie, Telecity Condorcet and Iliad DC3 PoPs.
This step will soon be scheduled and the members will be informed in advance through the mailing list.

Outage on the 18th of August

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On Monday 18th of August, an outage occured on FranceIX. We started receiving traffic storms (around 300Mbps). This traffic was amplified by a loop and reached 2Gbps on several ports.

After having solved the issue, we focused our efforts on finding the origin of this unicast flooding.

We worked with Juniper support to understand and fix the issue. To prevent issue appears again, we reinforced configurations following vendor recommendations and the situation is now stable.

No more copper ports at France-IX

No longer copper ports in 2015

Copper ports are no longer an option for new connection requests at France-IX.

France-IX also intends to migrate all the existing members to optical ports by the end of the year. The contractual bandwidth subscribed by the concerned members will not be affected by such changes. If you’re connected through a copper port, please get in touch with the team at

IT Press Camp

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As a data exchange point, France-IX gathers around a wide community of telcos, equipment vendors, IT specialists and technical experts. Therefore France-IX has initiated IT Press Camp, a casual meetup for journalists and professionals from the IT sector to exchange information on the new technologies and ideas for the Internet development.

The first edition of IT Press Camp was held at the end of June at Numa, the building owned by Silicon Sentier, an organization comprising several innovative companies embodying the Parisian digital identity.

For the first meeting Stéphane Bortzmeyer presented the preliminary results of the survey regarding Internet evolution within the 10 upcoming years which was conducted by the Scientific Council of the AFNIC in collaboration with INIT.

Upcoming events

European Peering Forum 9 - 2014
From Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th, September 2014 in Split, Croatia.
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European Peering Forum 9 - 2014

France-IX General Meeting 2014
On Friday 26th September 2014 at Crowne Plaza République in Paris, France.
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France-IX General Meeting 2014

FRnOG 23
On Friday 17th October 2014 at Intercontinental Opéra in Paris, France.
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image FRnOG 23

Euro-IX 25
From Sunday 26th to Tuesday 28th October 2014 in Bucharest, Romania
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Euro-IX 25

Latest connections

Organisation (ASN) POP Traffic
AXA Tech (12696) Telehouse 2 4 Gbps
Contingency Networks (21339 ) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps
Coreye (35012 ) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps
Gigalis (47608 ) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps
GoDaddy (26496) Telehouse 2 10 Gbps
Lepida Spa (31638) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps
Netflix (2906) Telehouse 2 100 Gbps
Sipartech (9309) Interxion 1 100 Mbps
Tango Services (48526) Via LU-CIX 100 Mbps


Organisation (ASN) POP Traffic
IELO (2907) Telehouse 2

1 Gbps > 2 Gbps

Ikoula (21409) Telecitygroup Courbevoie SFINX 1 Gbps
Lasotel (39180) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps > 10 Gbps up to 1 Gbps
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