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IT Press Camp #2

IT Press Camp 2

France-IX organizes its second IT Press Camp next 15th December. The PR event brings together a small committee of IT journalists and professionals to exchange on a particular theme which differs each time.
During this event, Intercloud will present a state of the Cloud market (private, public and hybrid) in France.

If you wish to bring your expertise to this event or to another IT press camp, feel free to contact Solène Souquet via

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Outage of 21th of November

Network technical specifications

An incident happened on November 21th between 3:03pm and 3:24pm. A Layer 2 loop was generated between two members. Protections to limit broadcast traffic worked as expected.
However multicast filters were not configured in the same way to shape the traffic.

Since then, actions have been taken to reinforce multicast filters. Globally, all the filters have been reinforced, particularly with the partner IXPs.
A web page is now available describing authorised traffic on France-IX platform.
A campaign will be launched in January 2015 to contact the members who do not comply to the defined rules

Technical specifications

Network freeze period

calendar freeze period

The annual network freeze period will happen from the 20th of December 2014 to the 5th January 2015.

The NOC will remain operational 24/7 during this period but all requests for new connections or upgrades will be processed from the 6th January 2015.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events on November and December.

no event util 2015

Latest connections

Organisation (ASN) POP Traffic
CetSI (12826) Telehouse-2 1 Gbps
Evolink (8262) Interxion MRS1 100 Mbps
IMS Dynamics (48310) Interxion 2 100 Mbps
IPSet (199275) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps
Valve software (32590) Interxion 2 10 Gbps


Organisation (ASN) POP Traffic
Akamai (20940) Interxion 5

40 Gbps > 80 Gbps

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