France-IX, Newsletter N°42

Decreased pricing in 2016

Decreased pricing in 2016
France-IX announces a decrease of its pricing from the 1st of January, 2016.

This decrease will concern all types of ports and will be applied on both setup fees and recurring fees.

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Newly elected board members

New France-IX board members 2015
During the annual general meeting last 18th of September, our members re-elected Bouygues Telecom and Google, and elected Afnic, as the new board members of France-IX. These 3 companies will serve a 3-year mandate.

They join Akamai, Jaguar Network and Cloudflare (companies seats) along with Bocar Kane and Clément Cavadore (individuals).

The board members have the duty of representing the members of France-IX and of helping shape the global strategy of the internet exchange.

More about the team

Activation of a new PoP in Jaguar Network MRS01 in Marseille

POP France-IX Jaguar Networks
Jaguar Networks Datacenter Marseille
Our Marseille presence has been extended with the installation of a Juniper EX9214 in Jaguar Networks MRS01 datacenter.

With this latest deployment, our infrastructure in Marseille becomes more redundant and the members can choose to be connected via two distinct PoPs. Our PoP in Jaguar Networks is linked by a double dark fiber abduction to the Interxion PoP.

The initial capacity for interconnecting the 2 PoPs is 2x40 Gbps (easily upgradable thanks to the DWDM architecture put in place).

This is the first step in a more global evolution of France-IX's infrastructure in Marseille which will offer:
-  A higher density of 10Gbps ports
-  The possibility to connect 100Gbps ports
-  An architecture with uniformed engineering rules (MPLS/VPLS in all PoPs)

In October, our PoP in Interxion MRS1 will also be upgraded with a Juniper EX9214 switch as well.

View the infrastructure layout

RIPE - France-IX co-study on the French traffic paths

Map of the internet traffic in France

In case you missed our general meeting, where Emile Aben from RIPE NCC and Arnaud Fenioux from France-IX co-presented their co-lab on the Atlas and RIS projects, you can read the sum-up article of it.

The study shows that over 27% and 33% of the IPv4 and IPv6 paths respectively go through France-IX infrastructure (statistics based on 755 RIPE Atlas probes in place in France and a RIPE Atlas anchor connected to France-IX equipment).

New architecture
Upcoming events

Euro-IX 27
From Sunday 25th to Tuesday 27th of october 2015 in Berlin, Germany.
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Euro-IX 27

Capacity Europe 2015
From Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th of november 2015 in Paris, France.
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Capacity Europe 2015

FRnOG 25
Friday 23rd of November, in Paris, France.
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FRnOG 25

Latest connections

Organisation (ASN) ASN Traffic
AT&T (2686) Telehouse 2 10 Gbps
SFR (15557) Interxion MRS1 10 Gbps


Organisation (ASN) ASN Traffic
Navaho (8399) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps - 2 Gbps
Netplus (15547) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps - 2 Gbps
Oranlink (57023) Interxion MRS1 2 Gbps - 10 Gbps
Stella Telecom (16211) Telehouse 2
Iliad DC2
2 Gbps
2 Gbps