France-IX, Newsletter N°44

Peering in Marseille keeps on growing

Peering in Marseille keeps on growing

With the connection of Hivane Network and the upgrades of Facebook and Oranlink, our peering node in Marseille enjoys a nice boom and the overall traffic now exceeds 50 Gbps. France-IX is both present in the datacenters of Interxion MRS1 and Jaguar Network MRS01.

It is still possible to benefit from a connection without installation fees for any order made before December 31st, 2015.

Interested in learning more about Marseille being the gateway between Europe and the MEA region ?

Read the opinion paper by our managing director Franck Simon, published in Connect-World.

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Delphine joins us

`Photo Delphine MASCIOPINTO (France-IX)

Our new team member Delphine offers 18 years of Marketing and Commercial Development experience. She has worked in various countries in Europe and Middle East with Orange and Level 3 and in the US for the past decade with Global Cloud Exchange.

She joins France-IX to develop programs to always expand the value of our exchange. So if you have any suggestion of new services, new partnerships or anything else, please feel free to contact her.

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Network freeze

France-IX déploie les ports 100 Gbit/s pour la connexion de ses membres

From December 20th to January 10th, no operations will be done on our network. So make sure you synchronise with our team asap if you need anything before the freeze.

Our NOC remains available 24/7.

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Upcoming events

Peering Forum MSK-IX 2015
On Thursday 10th of December 2015 in Moscow, Russia.
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Peering Forum MSK-IX 2015

Latest connections

Organisation (ASN) ASN Bandwidth
MAPPY SA (41191) Telehouse 2 200 Mbps
PC Light (201080) Telehouse 2 100 Mbps


Organisation (ASN) ASN Bandwidth
Facebook (32934) Telehouse 2
Interxion Marseille
20 Gbps
20 Gbps
Hivane Network (34019) Telecitygroup Courbevoie
Marseille Jaguar Network
100 Mbps
100 Mbps
Oranlink (57023) Interxion Marseille 10 Gbps - 20 Gbps
Telekom Srbija (8400) Telehouse 2 1 Gbps - 3 Gbps