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Case study : Emailvision

In addition to interconnecting operators, France-IX offers its services to other types of enterprises based on internet networks.

This month, discover Emailvision, an international Email Service Provider (ESP).

Why does Emailvision need to connect to the French internet exchange?

Let’s have a look

Cas Study Emailvision in video
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Reseller programme’s specifics


The reseller programme put in place by France-IX applies to any company willing to provide interconnection in addition to its own services (long-haul high-speed connection for instance).

The offer is split into 2 solutions: a 10 Gbps shared port for circuits from 100Mbps to 2Gbps or a port dedicated to each connected client.

As of now Neo Telecoms, IX Reach and Viatel are the prime official resellers.

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Network freeze period

France-IX will suspend all the requests for connection or for upgrades from 21st of December, 2012 to 2nd of January, 2013.

The technical support will of course remain active during that period.
Picture Freezy Period

Focus on Africa

The commissioning of the cable ACE (Africa Coast to Europe) is expected this December.

17 000 km long and owning a capacity of 5.12 Tbps, the cable will link 21 countries between South Africa and France, among them 7 african countries which did not have access to any high-speed international connectivity till now.

Once again France appears to be the prior gateway of Africa toward Europe.
Focus on l'Afrique
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France-IX Calendrier

Latest connections




Port type

Prodware 57928 Interxion-5 1Gbps
Keyade 59689 Iliad-Vitry 1Gbps
Sistemi Uno 21101 via Top-IX N/A
OWS 39072 Telehouse-2 100Mbps
BBBell 34306 via Top-IX N/A
Enter 12850 via Top-IX N/A
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