Newsletter 12 – December 2012

Change of NOC

With 2013 coming up, the technical support undergoes a bit of change. France-IX starts relying on Border6 expertise to answer any level 1 requests 24/7.

This change will go smoothly as there will be no service cut.
The members can contact the new NOC per e-mail and through the webportal The NOC replies to your requests within 15 minutes.

the noc

Interxion-2 POP receives new switch

Force 10 E1200

The Force10 E1200 switch, initially put in place on the point of presence, been replaced by another Force10, model S4810, offering the opportunity to connect until 64 x 10Gbps ports.

Information system development

France-IX is developing an information system whose first achievements are the automatically issuing of invoices and routes servers configuration, starting next month.

Although this process has no visible impact on the members, this system enhances the reliability of the routes servers’ configuration and eases the handling of invoices inside France-IX.

France-IX IS

4 stars LIR

4 stars France-IX
Last 3rd and 4th of December France-IX participated in the LIR & IPv6 training program delivered by RIPE NCC in Paris.
Good news: France-IX is listed among the « happy few » LIRS to reach 4 stars (as several of our members

Each star rates one of the following points :
  • Having an IPv6 address space allocation or assignment from the RIPE NCC
  • Visibility in the Routing Information Service (RIS)
  • Having a route6 object in the RIPE Database
  • Having a reverse DNS delegation set up
By the way the IPv6 traffic now reachs 300Mbps in average which still stands for a small part of the global exchanged traffic on the plateform. We conduce our members to activate their IPv6 session in 2013.

Online members’ list

The members list available on our website evolves. Until now only the physical port was shown. But France-IX offers middle-step solutions namely 100Mbps or 200Mbps on a 1000Mbps copper port or 1Gbps optical port and also 2Gbps on a 10Gbps port.
Therefore the list was updated to highlight the actual traffic done.

This information gets completed by the type of physical port mentioned in brackets.
 Members list

Briefly - France-IX…

…invites you to consult the internet exchange world map released quietly by Telegeography.
A tool which, we hope, will help convince even more the foreign operators to get connected to our infrastructure.

…acknowledges the fact that France refused to sign the new internet governance treaty established during WCIT in Dubaï this month.

…congratulates the IXP partner LyonIX which celebrates its 11 years of existence.

En savoir + en savoir + en savoir +
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France-IX calendar

Latest connections




Port type

WebEX 13445 Telehouse-2 200Mbps
IX Reach 43531 Telehouse-2 100Mbps
Meanie 31019 Telehouse-2 100Mbps





Old / New port

OVH 34863 Telehouse-2 10Gbps / 2 x10Gbps
Intrinsec 33930 Interxion-5 / Telecity-Condorcet 1Gbps / 2 x1Gbps
Covage 44902 Telehouse-2 100Mbps / 200Mbps
InfoClip 24776 Telecity-Courbevoie 100Mbps / 200Mbps
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