Newsletter France-IX N°15

Over 200 connected parties

In February, France-IX exceeded the number of 200 members, connected directly to the point or through resellers or interconnections. A bet was launched during the last FRnOG meeting to find the exact date of the 200th member’s connection.

Congratulations to Benjamin Billon of Splio who found it: February 08, 2013. We particularly appreciate its way to celebrate this news!

Thank you to the others who participated to the bet and to these who have been giving us their support all along.

Picture of Benjamin Billon

TouIX interconnection activated

Picture of interconnection between Franc-IX and TouIX

The interconnection with the point based in Toulouse became operational in February. From now on, TouIX’s members can exchange traffic with France-IX’s community.

DDO Organisation and FullSave are the first users. As for all the interconnections with other IXPs, the traffic cannot exceed 100Mbps per member on each link.

en savoir +, the one and only webportal to access to the statistics

We remind you that the members can access to their SFlow statistics and contact the NOC via The former webportal, previously available through, is definitely not operational anymore.

To (re)gain your password to Tools, please use your peering email contact as a login (usually peering@... ou noc@...).

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France-IX Calendrier

Latest connections





Alcatraz 197653 Via LyonIX N/A
Cegid 47820 Via LyonIX N/A
Cloudata 199660 Interxion-1 100Mbps
Crédit Agricole Card Payment 197744 Via LyonIX N/A
Critical Case 48815 Via Top-IX N/A
DDO Organisation 30741 Via TouIX N/A
Fortex 48166 Telehouse-2 100Mbps
FullSave 39405 Via TouIX N/A
Global IT Services 198290 via LU-CIX N/A
Grenode 51083 Via LyonIX N/A
Groupe Axess 50812 Via LyonIX N/A
IP-MAX 25091 Via LyonIX N/A
Liazo 50618 Via LyonIX N/A
Monaco Telecom 6758 Telehouse-2 1Gbps
Neuronnexion 198290 Telehouse-2 100Mbps
One System 199487 Via LyonIX N/A
Rue du commerce 51243 Iliad DC2 200Mbps
Sanofi Pasteur 43460 Via LyonIX N/A
Sify Technologies 9583 Telehouse-2 100Mbps
Unilink 44053 Telehouse-2 100Mbps





Old / New Traffic

AtratoIP 5580 Telehouse-2 1Gbps / 10Gbps
Devclic 44141 Telehouse-2 Via SFINX / 100Mbps
Intermediasud 20900 Telehouse-2 100Mbps / 1Gbps
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