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Sflow stats available in beta version

The SFlow statistics are now available on our new portal tools.franceix.net.
With these statistics, you will be able to visualize your traffic peer by peer. You should have received by now an email to set a password and activate your account (members connected via interconnections with LU-CIX, LyonIX and SFINX don’t have account).
In case you have not received it, or if you encounter trouble setting it up, please contact directly info@franceix.net
Please note that this tool is still in beta release, and you may encounter bugs, or missing informations. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
If you want to report a bug, or have any suggestion, please email us at info@franceix.net.

France IX tools

Access the looking glass

Reseller program launch party

France IX organizes a social event on the 7th of March in Paris, from 7 till 11 p.m. This party is sponsorized by Neo Telecoms, as the first reseller.
If you’re interested by the reseller offer and want to discuss about it with France IX team, please register.

Atelier Barok
132 Avenue de Versailles, 75016 Paris
Only a few places are still available!

picture of Atelier Barok
register here

plateform picture

The new information system

France IX latest information system is based on a modeling of various elements. This includes the physical infrastructure of the network (POPs, equipments, linecards and so on), the members, the several technical or commercial features and the direct or mutualized connections.
A series of tools for internal use enables the exploitation of the model, for instance editing members’ profiles, ASNs and connections, generating BGP configurations automatically and soon issuing the automatic invoicing.

The information system is also used as a reference for the new tools developed for the members, among them the looking-glass and the traffic statistics.

What is an internet exchange point?

You may have already watched the video «Internet Revealed: a film about IXPs »created and put online by the European association of IXPs Euro-IX in January 2010.

This video was a great success but no version of it could be found in French. This has been solved this month

white paper

White paper about the peering in France

France IX wrote a white paper about the state of peering in France.
Only available in french

Please spread it around you.


Latest Connections




Port Type

 VoipGate 51405 via LU-CIX N/A
 DotSmart 52143 Iliad-Vitry 1G-LX
 JasTel Network 45629 Telehouse-2 1G-LX





Old / New port

 Splio 31688 Telehouse-2 100Mbps /1000Mbps
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