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Special offer in Marseille

We remind you that France-IX has added Marseille in its network recently. This expansion aims to develop the number of connected parties and to diversify their profiles by connecting internet players from South France, Asia, Middle-East and North Africa.

If you sign our agreement for a connection in Marseille before the 15th of April, you will benefit from a trial two months period free of charge.

Special offer
Apply here

Evolution of the statistics portal

screenshot  France-IX Tools

France-IX’s tools portal http://tools.franceix.net/stats/ports shows traffic stats per port.
The portal’s evolution depends on how it is used by our members. Therefore as a France-IX member, let us know your ideas or comments by e-mail to info@franceix.net.

Over the long run this new portal, completed with other tools and features, is meant to replace the current portal put in place by France-IX’s NOC.

To set a (new) password, click on the link below.

set a new password

Upcoming event – Second anniversary of France-IX

Our internet exchange point will celebrate its second anniversary next June. A social event will take place in Paris, gathering members, parties in the process of being connected, entities interested in getting connected but also all the partners of France-IX.

The date is to be confirmed very soon.

This event will be entirely sponsorized. If you wish to be a sponsor, contact us via


France-IX second birthday

last event pictures

France-IX calendar

Other upcoming events

  Euro-IX 20 on the 2nd and 3rd of April in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  RIPE 64 from 16th till 20th of April in Ljubjana, Slovenia
  La mêlée  numérique on the 25th of April in Toulouse, France
  MENOG 10 from 29th of April till 1st of May in Dubaï, United Arab Emirates

Latest Connections




Port Type

 Fotolia 50032 Iliad-Vitry 1GE-LX
 Google 15169 Netcenter-Marseille


Google is also present at Telehouse-2 with a port 10GE​​-LR
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