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New conditions for France-IX POP in Marseille

In order to support the development of the point of presence in Marseille and to reach a critical mass faster, France-IX association board has decided to change the connection conditions to this POP.
Thus no matter what type of port you need France-IX won’t charge any recurring fees until two conditions are met within 1 year from now:

  • an overall local traffic exceeding 10Gbps
  • more than 12 connected members

  • Only installation fees will be applied for this period.

    As usual, France-IX does not offer the transport between Paris POPs and Marseille’s one for any traffic exceeding 100Mbps per peer. Beyond this need the connected member will have to contact an operator of its choice or one of France-IX listed resellers.

    Here is an incredible opportunity to connect to France-IX in Marseille. For further information, contact us via info@franceix.net .

    exceptional offer within 1 year from now
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    Second anniversary of France-IX in June

    2years soon

    We are looking for sponsors to host the social event which will take place in Paris in June. The date is to be confirmed very soon.

    If you wish to be a sponsor, contact us via marketing@franceix.net.

    Other upcoming events

      MENOG 10 from 29th of April till 1st of May
    in Dubaï, United Arab Emirates.
      NANOG 55 from 4th to 6th of June in
    Vancouver, Canada.
      FRnOG 19 date to be confirmed in June
    Paris, France.

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     Inova Co. 51497 LU-CIX N/A
     HotNet 12849 Telehouse-2 1G-LX
     Diademys 51754 Telecity-Condorcet 1G-LX

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     Reunicable 31688 Telehouse-2 100Mbit/s /1000Mbit/s
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