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    In the traditional local peering approach, you need to install your router in one of the data centers where France-IX has deployed its metro infrastructure, order the cross-connect and manage  France-IX as an additional supplier, in addition to your transport and colocation suppliers.

    Peering Network layout

    Where to peer remotely ?

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    Remote Peering

    • Remote peering means peering without a physical presence at the local exchange point.
    • This can be done because France-IX  reseller partners have already connected their network to France-IX  peering platforms (Paris, Marseille) following the traditional local peering approach with 10Gbps port(s) in each France-IX platforms.


    Layout France-IX Metro Peering


    Remote peering can answer your needs to keep things simple and reduce your number of suppliers. Remote peering enables a fast deployment in a new market and can answer different network transition strategies. In general, this is the perfect solution for companies looking to reduce their network costs and to avoid immediate capital costs.


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    • End-to-end connectivity to France-IX through one supplier: your reseller provides, manages, supports and bills the member for all the remote peering services (transport packaged with peering services).

    • One-stop-shopping means one contract, one bill, one contact so less paperwork at the end of the day. You don’t need to sign any France-IX contract, you just sign with our reseller on their paperwork and we coordinate everything with them.

    • Keep in mind that you still have full membership rights with France-IX non-profit association (with the right to vote during the France-IX meetings), you have access to the same services as any other member and you still need your own Autonomous System Number to be able to peer.
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    Quick and easy process

    • No deployment of hardware or colocation means you can activate your connection in a matter of days, instead of weeks.

    • Once your contract is in place with our reseller (already connected to France-IX), your can benefit from short delays for the activation of the service.

    • The variety of connection packages allows you to upgrade easily and quickly and more importantly, to stay flexible.
    picto membre ixp franceix

    Zero risk with no Capex required

    • There is no need to colocate your equipment in Paris and/or Marseille, you choose your traffic level in each France-IX peering platforms (Paris and/or Marseille) through your reseller.

    • The reseller connects to France-IX though GigE, 10 Gbps peering ports, which are either dedicated or shared via multiple VLANs between customers. Keep in mind resellers can not oversubscribe their port(s).

    • The reseller provides you only with the connection and you keep the full control of your peering and routing policy.