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  • The approved France-IX  Resellers below are trusted partners who sell access to France-IX peering services across their transport infrastructure. They offer a wide geographical diversity, strong technical competence, high service levels and finally, a single point of contact for all your transport and peering needs.



    AFR-IX Telecom delivers Data MPLS and Managed Solutions to local sites in
    Africa, Middle East and Europe. By integrating operations, managed services
    and strategy. Our pioneering methodology allows the set-up of a complete IT
    infrastructure to all entities based in the continent. Committed to
    delivering industry best services, AFR-IX Telecom integrates the forces that
    shape the future of the telecommunications industry and the businesses
    surrounding it. Our Goal – To offer a high quality and personalised service
    when fulfilling telecommunications needs in Africa.

    Angola Cables is an multinational telecom company operating in the wholesale market and engaged in the exploration and marketing of international voice and data circuit capacity, in our subsea cables: WACS, MONET & SACS.

    It is our purpose to contribute to the technological development and to improve access to digital information for all.

    Established in 2009, the company manages the Angolan participation in WACS, the West Africa Cable System, launched in 2012.

    At our Data Centre, Angonap, we provide Colocation services to companies from various sectors and industries, with a commitment to quality and connectivity.

    We are managing Angonix, the Internet Exchange Point in Angola, where operators and suppliers of national and international content exchange information and data.

    Angola Cables is building SACS, South Atlantic Cable System, the first subsea cable in the Southern Hemisphere directly connecting Brazil to Africa.

    Besides, the company is building the Monet cable which will connect Brazil to the EUA and it has also been working on the construction and management of the Fortaleza Data Centre.

    BICS delivers best-in-class international wholesale solutions to any communication service provider worldwide. Through its Mosaic portfolio, a comprehensive, flexible and innovative suite of solutions designed to be used individually, or collectively, BICS meets the existing and future requirements of the global telecoms industry.

    • Website: http://www.bics.com
    • 112 access points-of-presence worldwide
    • Capacities from 2Mbps up to multiple 100Gbps
    • Participation in 19 submarine cables (EIG, SeMeWe-3, SeMeWe-4, SAT-3/WACS, SAFE...)
    • Capacity between major data centres, but also up to any street address in 70+ countries

    BICS' headquarters is located in Brussels with regional offices in Bern, Madrid, Dubai, New York and Singapore. BICS also has a satellite office in Beijing and local representation in Accra, Cape Town, Miami, Montevideo, Nairobi and Toronto.

    For more information, please visit: http://www.bics.com


    Formerly “RéGIES” and better known under the brand Céliéno, Chartres Métropole innovations numériques (CM’IN) since the 1st of January 2016 has been dedicated to deploying fibre optic infrastructures, connecting services for service operators and/or directly for enterprises (mainly on the territory of Chartres Métropole but not exclusively), and innovating by providing new digital-related services to the Chartres agglomeration.

    • DEPLOYING: deployment of infrastructures allowing very high-speed access on the territory (fibre optic (ftth/ftto), wireless local loop). Analyses, construction, operation and commercialization of the infrastructures. Contracted as an accredited private operator.

    • CONNECTING : connection of businesses and individuals (exclusively via local and national ISPs) to the deployed network by offering efficient Internet access, competitive prices and proximity for the installation and maintenance, which allow a quicker response time. We also propose additional services that are complementary to our very high-speed offers: Telephone, Hosting, TV…

    • INNOVATING: innovation in the implementation of new digital-related services:
    -Active player in the Smart City approach initiated by Chartres Métropole;
    -Reception and launch of new additional activities within the CM’IN premises, in the heart of the Cité de l’Innovation (Datacenter, TV Studio, business pre-incubator…);
    -Chartres.live : Animation, development, creation of content, communication.

    dc2scale est un opérateur de datacenters “carrier neutral”, fondé en 2019 et basé en France. Nous disposons de plusieurs sites en projet en Ile de France (et en région), et nous exploitons un premier datacenter à Vélizy-Villacoublay. Pour améliorer l’attractivité de nos sites et permettre un écosystème favorable aux acteurs présents, nous avons fait plusieurs choix commerciaux : proposer des cross-connects sans frais récurrents, améliorer les conditions d’accès mais aussi notamment des ports “remote” revendeurs France-IX.


    Vincent PAGES


    +33 9 72 60 11 35

    Général demandes revente


    06 28 22 91 13

    Picto Paris

    EDX Network is an IPv4 / v6 transit operator based in the Lyon metro region, whose core business is the BGP protocol. EDX supports its customers to obtain the RIPE resources and to set up the appropriate architecture (Cisco, Brocade, Juniper, Mikrotik, Linux Quagga / bird).

    Epsilon is a global Cloud Centric Network service provider, extending carrier grade connectivity services to the world’s Communications and Cloud ecosystems. The company offers smart networking capabilities that combine on-demand infrastructure, automation, web-based portals and APIs to give partners friction-free access to global connectivity.

    Infiny by Epsilon, our on-demand connectivity platform brings networking into the Cloud era. Infiny replaces traditional connectivity with a Cloud-centric approach that allows Service Providers to procure and manage global connectivity at the click of a button. Infiny customers can use the portal-driven platform to order, activate and manage local, regional and global connectivity and communication services. Users can choose from a range of capabilities from port-to-port, port-to-Cloud, port-to-Internet Exchange, SIP Trunking, Inbound numbering and last mile DIA services.

    All Epsilon services are powered by a next generation hyper-scalable global backbone which connects all the leading telecoms hubs globally. Epsilon’s network fabric is a carrier-grade, next-generation terabit optical global backbone, which incorporates their unique networking technology. It is deployed across over 90 Points of Presence (PoP) globally and connects a dense ecosystem of over 600 network operators, internet exchanges and cloud service providers.

    Epsilon is headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, Hong Kong, USA and the UAE. We operate infrastructure in over 30 cities and support customers in over 170 countries around the world including Europe, North America, the Middle East and Asia.

    Eurafibre is a telecoms infrastructure operator that operates its own fiber optic network in Nord-Pas-de-Calais.
    Eurafibre offers professionals high-speed Internet access solutions, Lan to Lan and dark fiber connectivity, wavelength, and inter-datacenter solutions.
    More than 200 municipalities in the Hauts-de-France region are covered by Eurafibre, which connects 150 business parks and 24 datacenters.
    Thanks to Eurafibre's enabled collection offer, service providers can also provide their customers high-value telecom solutions. The delivery of a collection door can be done in the region or Paris (with a spare door available).
    Eurafibre's strengths are proximity, quality of service and responsiveness.

    Logo Reseller by Default


    +33 6 612 010 20

    Picto Paris

    GTT provides the fastest and most reliable internet experience available anywhere.
    We own and operate AS3257, one of the top ranked Tier 1 IPV4 & IPV6 networks in the world, providing the scalability up to n*100G on our high capacity network +14Tbps, reach that organizations need to connect globally.
    Our Internet portfolio was built to meet the diverse needs and is backed by +600 pop worldwide, our proprietary European Backbone and Transatlantic cable Systems.
    We are directly connected to Local Champs < 2 Ms and in Cloud Providers Leaders in countries. You don’t have to choose between service quality and savings – we are the best of both worlds.





    Picto Marseille Picto Paris

    Ielo-Liazo Group offers a range of customized services for companies and operators with complex needs or challenging constraints.

    Ielo-Liazo Group is an independent company owned by its employees: it is thanks to the positioning that we can pride ourselves that we maintain customers' relationships based on values and professionalism.

    sales@ielo-liazo.com / www.ielo-liazo.com / +33 1

    Ielo-Liazo Group operates a network of over 50 points of presence in France, Europe
    Bandwidth: IP Transit, L2 transport, Interconnection sites, connection to exchange points (FranceIX, AMSIX, Decix, Linx), wavelengths and dark fibre, VHP
    Hosting: interconnection, "remote hands" service, easy access to servers, tailored-made offer for network operators
    Collection: multi-link (ADSL, SDSL, lighting fibre, Customized Solutions (wave, FON, FH)), multi-operator, establishment of collection on client / white label infrastructure
    * Services: 24/7 support at no additional cost, outsourced customized network, training and IT consulting

    InterCloud provides enterprises with control over the global delivery of their cloud applications. InterCloud offers them a service-oriented platform to shape their connectivity in order to support existing or future cloud applications.

    https://www.intercloud.com/contact-us/ / www.intercloud.com / +33 1 81 80 26 00

    With the first private connectivity platform designed for the cloud era, InterCloud helps enterprises solve security, performance and flexibility issues while leveraging multiple public clouds to support their business goals and IT strategy.

    IP-Max SA is fast becoming a leading provider of information technology solutions and services across Europe and beyond. The quality of our services and support are valued by our customers located internationally. With our products, which includes IP Transit, Low Latency transport, Metro and International PoP to PoP connectivity, colocation, network management and hardware supply, we can offer a complete package which meets the individual requirements of our customers. A one stop shop.

    http://www.ip-max.net/contacts/ / www.ip-max.net / +41 22 510 54 00

    IP-Max's Engineers have a reputation and proven track record of delivering highly robust, scalable and tailored solutions.

    Having worked for Internet Service Providers for more than 15 years, the technical team has real experience in building a wide range of solutions, from creating small and local ISP platforms to complete FTTH platforms, scalable up to the size of a whole country.




    +39 0112301000

    Picto Paris

    IT.Gate is an European Network Service Provider, based in Italy, that provides cloud enabled data center and network services over a Business Grade High Speed Infrastructure of Data Centers and Low-latency Network around Europe.

    IT.Gate works closely with its customers to consult and assess their data/communication requirements, offering a wide range of highly competitive Data Center and Network services such as, Hybrid Cloud, Co-Lo, L2VPN, VPLS, L3VPN, and private MPLS circuits over one of the best connected network.

    The presence at FranceIX in Paris enlarge the power of IT.Gate international infrastructure already reaching Paris, Marseille, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Milan Rome, besides Turin.

    The reseller agreement of IT.GATE with FranceIX will contribute to deploy the highest quality FranceIX services to the Italian and international players that wish to operate on the France related ecosystem.


    IX Reach


    Europe:+44 845 013 0845 USA: +1 877 671 4734

    Picto Paris

    IX Reach is the number one partner to leading Internet Exchange Points and global wholesale provider of carrier connectivity services, such as direct and remote peering, low latency global high-speed point-to-point and multipoint capacity, Ethernet and DWDM metro in major cities, enterprise business IP, BGP transit, colocation and interconnections into the major Cloud providers.
    IX Reach offers a cost effective portfolio of tailored network services, enabling carriers, ISPs, content and service providers of all sizes to quickly and easily increase their network footprint without the need to invest heavily in their own infrastructure or increase resources.
    To speak to a member of the team about our services, please email: enquiries@ixreach.com or call us on:
    Europe:+44 845 013 0845
    USA: +1 877 671 4734

    Netalis is offering France-IX Paris services from its PoPs in Besançon, Vesoul, Montbéliard, Dijon, Strasbourg and Lyon.

    With a strong presence in its home region and constantly expanding into new territories, Netalis is an operator and a hosting service provider who also offers wholesale solutions, including the following services:
    • Premium IP Transit via AS20565
    • Remote peering : FranceIX, Equinix-IX, NL-IX
    • Transport (L2 or WDM) : everywhere in France and within a hundred of Virutal PoPs throughout the world
    • Network access: multi-operator collection (Orange, Covage, Altitude, Axione...), dark or activated fiber.
    • "Managed POP": a service dedicated to local datacenters, including access to Netalis's entire catalogue on a single or redundant equipment

    The company is also able to support its clients' projects such as securing resources from the RIPE, selecting and outsourcing network equipment or providing guidance regarding co-investments in the deployment of company-owned infrastructures (dark fiber).


    Sander Chandon


    Broadband Hosting BV known under the trademark NL-IX is a leading internet exchange with over 70 datacenters in Europe including internet hotspot regions like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Frankfurt, London and Zurich.

    http://www.nl-ix.net/about/entity/ / www.nl-ix.net/ / +31 70 365 36 88

    NL-IX offers; public peering including a large amount of unique members, partial- and full transit, layer 2 or 3 connectivity to all 70 connected datacenters and remote France-IX Peering. NL-IX allows it's members to benefit from our extensive infrastructure and services to rapidly expand into new markets, countries and regions.

    Founded in 2003, Phibee Telecom is a major operator of operators in Europe specialized in access and collect solutions providing low cost and high reliability services to operators.

    Our wide network is based on dedicated dark fiber and international wavelengths covers major European cities.

    www.phibee.net / +33 4 26 84 78 60

    Thanks partnerships with major actors of the sector we actually mesh 60 datacenters, growing fast with a target of 90 in the next few months.

    Launched in 2013, our multi-service platform provides a marketplace, to any kind of operator whatever its size, which offers a wide range of product like:
    EtherAccess & EtherWan: xDSL/OF/EFM Layer or IPVPN NNI
    RemoteIX: Access to main European IXes
    DirectTransit: Improve your routes with private bgp sessions with Tiers 1 & 2 without commit.
    EtherLAN: Point to Point, Point to Multipoint and VPLS between datacenters.
    * DirectVoIP: Direct link to your Voip provider.
    Phibee Telecom also provides tailored solutions, staying as reactive and close to operators needs as we can.


    Denis Ganza



    Picto Paris

    CJSC “RASCOM” is a leading provider of international capacity for telecomm carriers and owns telecommunications facilities and structures of its own at the route Moscow – St.-Petersburg – Helsinki – Stockholm – Copenhagen - Frankfurt – Amsterdam – Prague – Bratislava - Kiev - Moscow. The company is offering services of providing telecomm circuits as well as access to the INTERNET and various integrated solutions in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Tver, Novgorod and other cities of Central and North-West Regions of Russia.

    Logo Reseller by Default

    RETN is an international network service provider offering a range of services across its own fibre-optic network. RETN has over 32,000 km of fibre on its pan-European network which connects 29 countries across Europe, Asia and North America, with a heavy presence in the high growth markets of Eastern Europe and Russia.

    The RETN backbone is connected directly to all major carrier-neutral DCs and carries a large proportion of international traffic in the regions it covers. The DWDM based network is designed in a ring-architecture offering multiple layers of redundancy. The network’s unique geographical footprint provides over 5 Tbps of capacity over its four primary routes between the West and Asia.


    Picto Marseille Picto Paris

    Sofia Connect is a leading wholesale carrier from Bulgaria specialized in providing comprehensive connectivity solutions to carriers, ISPs and content providers of all sizes throughout the Balkans, the Caucasus and increasingly the Middle East. Sofia Connect's service portofolio includes the whole range from IP transit and remote peering down to dark-fibre provision.

    cvdr@sofia-connect.net / www.sofia-connect.net / +49 178 3695000

    Through the Caucasus Cable System, a state-of-the-art submarine cable across the Black Sea, Sofia Connect provides the fastest and safest route from the Caucasus and the northern Middle East to Europe. An increasing number of carriers in the region, including from Georgia, Armenia and Iraq count on Sofia Connect's services.

    Their network spans across the whole of Europe and reaches to Norduz on the Iranian-Armenian border as well as to Ibrahim Khalil on the Iraqi-Turkish border.

    During the past eight years Sofia Connect has gained a strong track record in custom-taylored solutions to major carriers in the wider region serving millions of eyeballs.

    Logo Reseller by Default

    Picto Paris

    Established in 2003, Zayo France is an independent international telecom operator whose infrastructures serve Internet and business needs.

    Zayo France is the second international IP operator originating from France and the 37th worldwide IP operator in terms of Internet connectivity.

    http://www.zayo.com/fr/contact/ / www.zayo.com / +33 (0)1 79 97 96 46

    The different facets of the Zayo France package are complementary and are tailored to support the development of the Net-Economy and enterprise networks, addressing the growing needs of businesses in network capacity and complete outsourcing services through to a single point of contact.


    France-IX is growing quickly everywhere in the world and welcomes new resellers at anytime.


    If you want to become an official France-IX reseller partner, please email us at info_at_franceix.net so we can start the discussions. Typically a NDA and reseller agreement need to be signed, then the standard connection process can start to provision the reseller port.


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