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  • Providing a professional level of Quality of Service (QoS) to all its members has always been part of France-IX's DNA. Achieving the highest QoS by managing the delay, delay variation (jitter), frame loss and service availability parameters on France-IX infrastructure is the secret to a successful peering experience. Adding objectives on provisioning, move and change now defines the path to a successful member experience.


    This QoS section sets out the service levels for all services supplied by France-IX under the General Conditions of its Connection Agreement for the provision of peering services. It gathers all the resources, processes and objectives surrounding these services, aiming to guarantee the highest quality to its communities in Paris and Marseille.


    picto #1 Definitions

    • “Business day” shall mean Monday to Friday, except official public holidays in France (total of 11 days per calendar year, with 7 to 10 days falling on business days on average).
    • “Working hours” are all the hours in a business day, from 10am to 6pm, CET.
    • “Non-working hours” means all the hours in a business day except working hours.
    • “Planned works” means maintenance, service configuration, migration or change of any of the peering services provided by France-IX.
    • “Security issue” represents a technical emergency defined as follows: (i) non application by the customer of the appropriate filtering of flows or protocols not allowed on its connection and impacting the technical platform and/or the quality of the Service delivered to other customers (ii) security problem originating from the customer connection and generating abnormal flows or attacks to the platform (iii) material/physical issue on the port of the customer or on the customer's equipment connected to the platform generating instability on the platform. A Security issue may require an immediate isolation, partial or total of the customer's connection, or even of the whole point of presence concerned by the issue.