Technical Quarterly Update Q1’17

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  • 03/04/2017

    Here are the main actions undertaken during the 1st quarter 2017:


    • 100G capacity upgrade: new 100G line cards have been installed in January and February to address new 100G requests in Paris and Marseille.
    • New Paris backbone infrastructure for summer 2017, RFPs launched:
      • Backbone infrastructure: in order to increase 100G density, current Juniper EX9200 will be replaced. We launched in February an RFP to compare different vendors’ solutions. The choice will be made in April and deployment is scheduled for beginning of July;
      • Optical infrastructure: we launched in February an RFP to deploy a new 100G DWDM infrastructure in June. This solution will simplify network operations compared to the current passive DWDM solution based on multiple 10G interfaces;
      • Dark fibers: an RFP has been launched to renew and deploy new dark fibers interconnecting France-IX PoPs.


    Key technical numbers for Q1-2017


    Customer ports connected during the last 3 months

    • 1G: 6 ports
    • 10G: 11 ports
    • 100G: 6 ports


    • Paris: > 99,999%
    • Marseille: > 99,999%


    Next actions


    • Backbone renewal: a POC will take place in May to check compliance of new equipment (IP and optical) and validate interoperability with existing infrastructure;
    • RPKI filtering: Route servers will tag routes with BGP communities to propagate RPKI validation state (valid, invalid or unknown) .
    Roue angrenage upgrade