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  • France-IX hits milestone of 25 Reseller Partners
  • France-IX hits milestone of 25 Reseller Partners

    16 January, 2020


    Growing network enables remote peering access to IXP benefits via several hundred virtual PoPs in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia 


    Paris, France – 16 January, 2020 – France-IX, the premier Internet peering service provider in France, today announced it has reached the milestone of 25 active reseller partners, which are collectively responsible for connecting nearly 80 members from around the world to the Paris and Marseille-based Internet exchange platform.


    France-IX Resellers are trusted partners who sell remote peering access to France-IX peering services across their transport infrastructure. They offer a wide geographical diversity and strong technical competence with high service levels to enable France-IX members, with no presence in either Paris or Marseille, to access peering services without the need to physically co-locate in common points of presence (PoPs). Remote peering provides a cost effective, fast and reliable method for networks of all sizes wishing to benefit from France-IX services and thanks to these reseller partners, in addition to its own eleven PoPs in Paris and Marseille, France-IX is reachable from several hundred virtual PoPs in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.


    The newest France-IX reseller partner is Chartres métropole innovations numériques (CM’IN). Alain Guillotin, Managing Director of CM’IN, explains why remote connection to the IXP is so important: “At Chartres métropole innovations numérique, we support our customers’ innovation through robust connectivity and technology deployment. We are delighted to strengthen these by increasing the interconnection capacity brought by France-IX on each of our points of presence, whether they are in Paris or Chartres, at the heart of our proximity datacentre.”


    CM’IN joins AFR-IX telecom, Angola Cables, BICS, Blueinfra, China Unicom, Congo Telecom, EDX Network, Epsilon Telecommunications, Eurafibre, GTT, IELO-LIAZO, InterCloud, IP-Max, IRIDEOS, IX Reach, Netalis, NL-IX, Phibee Telecom, Rascom, RETN, SG.GS, Sofia Connect, Telecom Italia Sparkle and Zayo. Potential France-IX members can find their nearest reseller partner for remote peering via a PoP Finder Tool, which shows the location of over 310 virtual PoPs and the relative distances between them. This makes it easier for prospective networks to discover quickly and easily where and how to connect.


    “With traditional peering, an IXP member must install its router in one of the datacenters where France-IX has deployed its metro infrastructure in either Paris or Marseille, then order the cross-connect and manage France-IX as an additional supplier, in addition to their other transport and colocation suppliers,” explains Franck Simon, President at France IX Services. “The beauty of our remote peering solution is that it allows geographically remote members to benefit from peering at France-IX without having to deploy their own infrastructure and we are delighted to have gained so many new members in this way. We look forward to welcoming many more from around the world.”



    About France-IX

    France-IX is the Premier Internet Peering Service Provider in France, offering public and private interconnection services through its carrier and data centre neutral exchange points in Paris and Marseille.


    France-IX interconnects several hundreds of telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, content delivery networks and all other Internet networks worldwide with significant traffic in the Internet French market. This enhances the affordability and latency of the Internet traffic exchanged between its members and thus improves the overall quality of the Internet in France.


    Founded in June 2010 with the support of the French Internet community, France-IX is a member-based association whose core values are neutrality, sustainability and constant improvement of the Internet. For more information go to France-IX website www.franceix.net.


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    France-IX - 25 Reseller Milestone