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  • Pragma Security joins France-IX’s Marketplace to offer IXP members a complete range of managed security solutions
  • Pragma Security joins France-IX’s Marketplace to offer IXP members a complete range of managed security solutions 

    10 September 2019 


    New services portfolio to include world’s largest AS-path collection tool, DDoS mitigation, WAF, DNS protection, telemetry and network analytics


    Paris, France – 10 September 2019 – France-IX, the premier Internet Peering Service Provider in France, and Pragma Security, a leading Managed Security Services Provider in France, today announced that Pragma Security has joined the France-IX Marketplace as a seller in Paris. Starting this September, the four hundred plus networks, which comprise the membership of the France-IX Paris peering community, will be able to secure their websites, infrastructures and applications hosted in the Cloud with flexibility and efficiency.


    A pure cybersecurity player and the exclusive partner of QRator Labs, a global DDoS mitigation solution provider, Pragma Security is offering a comprehensive range of solutions via the France-IX Marketplace. This includes BGP monitoring and detection with the QRator Radar service – a tool which analyses the relationships between international AS networks and notifies users in real time about any BGP issues (such as hijack, route leak, and more).The QRator BGP Radar monitoring and detection tool is the biggest AS-path collector in the world with over 250 million paths taken into account for analysis.


    Pragma Security also provides anti-DDoS protection against both volumetric DDoS attacks on infrastructure, through the QRator Ingress mitigation service, and application layer DDoS attacks through QRator services. The Anti-DDoS protection is flexible to France-IX members’ needs: it can be either always-on or activated temporarily, for example to anticipate an e-commerce peak season. Thanks to 30 scrubbing sites worldwide – including a local one in France – and a treatment capacity of 1.5 billion packets per second, the maximum response time to an attack (with always-on anti-DDoS protection) is 30 seconds.


    France-IX members will also be able to subscribe to additional solutions including Web Application Firewall (WAF), DNS protection, Telemetry and network analytics. As the provisioning of these Pragma Security’s services is done via private VLANs between the Pragma Security and France-IX members’ peering ports, this setup ensures that Pragma Security sends back cleaned traffic to the member with high SLA (Service Level Agreements) levels, along with real-time reporting tools.


    “Joining the France-IX Marketplace was a natural decision for us as the IXP gathers a very active community of French networks, which are able to take full advantage of their connection ports by subscribing to complementary network security services, such as the ones we offer them in cybersecurity,” says Matthieu Texier, Founder at Pragma Security.


    “Enterprises today are facing cyber-threats that are constantly increasing in sophistication, while growing their applications and infrastructures. In this context, only a specialised player can support and offer them a set of solutions covering all the vectors of DDoS attacks. We are delighted to keep providing added value services to our members by partnering today with Pragma Security, the only specialist on the French market able to offer such a comprehensive range of solutions from infrastructure to application protection, to the monitoring and detection of Internet routing anomalies,” concludes, Franck Simon, President at France IX Services.


    The France-IX peering community of over four hundred international telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, content delivery networks, enterprises, and many other internet professionals, are able to optimise their existing port in the IXP by buying valuable IP-centric services via the France-IX Marketplace. This delivers a number of benefits to both sellers and buyers: sellers get the efficiency of a single port to provide services to France-IX members’ networks; access to a growing number of potential customers in expanding new markets throughout the Middle East and Africa via France-IX Marseille; and the freedom to apply their own product and pricing strategy. Buyers get access to competitively priced, valuable services, which are delivered directly over a VLAN from the seller’s France-IX Marketplace port to their own France-IX peering port. The VLAN provisioning is completed in one business day and services are available instantly in all France-IX points of presence, which allows all France-IX members to access all the Marketplace services anywhere, irrespective of their equipment location.


    About Pragma Security

    As a French specialist in managed cybersecurity services, Pragma Security offers a flexible and scalable Cloud protection for the sites, infrastructures and applications of the enterprises, e-commerces, operators and hosting companies. With a treatment capacity of 1.5 billion packets per second, Pragma Security can cater to all sizes and types of needs. For more information, please go to our website: www.pragma-security.com


    About France-IX

    France-IX is the Premier Internet Peering Service Provider in France, offering public and private interconnection services through its carrier and data centre neutral exchange points in Paris and Marseille.


    France-IX interconnects several hundreds of telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, content delivery networks and all other Internet networks worldwide with significant traffic in the Internet French market. This enhances the affordability and latency of the Internet traffic exchanged between its members and thus improves the overall quality of the Internet in France.


    Founded in June 2010 with the support of the French Internet community, France-IX is a member-based association whose core values are neutrality, sustainability and constant improvement of the Internet. For more information go to France-IX website www.franceix.net.


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