Satisfaction survey: a crucial feedback

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  • 1st may 2016


    In early 2016, our members participated to a satisfaction survey. Our survey was conducted between January 12 and February 15, 2016. 21% of our community has participated which stand for 68 responses from 64 ASN.


    We appreciate the time you spent. Your feedback is essential for our progress.


    The surveyed areas


    The survey covered the following main topics:

    • Franchement France-IX The overall quality of the connection in 2015
    • Franchement France-IX The responsiveness of our team to your request
    • Franchement France-IX The navigation and quality of information available on our website
    • Franchement France-IX The quality of technical and networks support
    • Franchement France-IX The service and price
    • Franchement France-IX The community

    At the end of each section, a space was allowed to provide a comment in addition to the answer.




    The results


    Overall we received a pretty good feedback with a global satisfaction of 4.3 / 5.

    1 / Positive Feedback:

    • Franchement France-IX Members are satisfied with services;
    • Franchement France-IX They noted the improvement in the stability of our network.
    • Franchement France-IX They are pleased with the responsiveness of the team, with short lead connections and upgrades as well as communication.


    Overall service

    2 / Areas for improvement:

    • Franchement France-IX The navigation on our site
    • Franchement France-IX The looking-glass and weathermap
    • Franchement France-IX The ticket system of NOC
    • Franchement France-IX The attractiveness of Marseille’s community: adding members to that community is one of our priorities.


    Graphics survey france-ix

    The action plan

    In order to improve the points that need improvement, we will invite members in our office for a half-day to talk about the navigation of the website and the portal A new version of the website will soon be launched, followed by continuous enhancements.


    In an effort to be more transparent, it has been decided that the minutes of the board committee meetings will be shared with the membership.


    We are also working on a better offer to connect to both Paris and Marseille.


    Last but not least, to assess the improvement of the satisfaction, another survey session will take place in June and July. We invite you to participate in order to rate your connection from January to June. We will use the results as a comparative for 2015 and 2016 to present at our general meeting on 30 September in Paris.